Top 3 Sermon Illustrations I’ve Ever Seen On YouTube

Top 3 Sermon Illustrations Ive Ever Seen On YouTube

If you’re searching for sermon illustration ideas for your next sermon or simply looking for inspiration, here are my top 3  YouTube favourites. Jesus constantly used illustrations in his preaching and teaching to help explain a point He was making. Stories and practical illustrations hold people’s attention and help them to listen to your sermon. Aside from engaging your congregation, sermon … Read more

How To (Dramatically) Improve Your Preaching – The Ultimate 17 Step Guide

how to improve your preaching

Seasoned preachers looking for how to improve your preaching, let me congratulate you for your heart to communicate God’s message in the most effective way possible. In this post I’m going to give you some clear and easy steps you can take to preach better sermons. Newbie preachers might like to take a look at: 7 Top Tips: How to … Read more

10 Top Tips On How To Preach With An iPad – The Smart Guide

how to preach with an ipad

For a long time I found myself preparing sermon outlines on my iPad and then having to convert my notes into the traditional printed paper format. One day I decided enough was enough and decided to take the leap of preaching with my iPad. Although a little scary at first, I can tell you I’ve never looked back and I’ve … Read more

How To Write A Sermon With Ease

When it comes to preparing and preaching better sermons, half of the battle is learning how to write a sermon with ease. Ask most pastors and they’ll tell writing sermons is one of the most stressful parts of their job… the truth is it really doesn’t have to be. There is a better way of preparing sermons. I’m going to … Read more

How To Prepare A Sermon Well – A 7 Day Walkthrough


Want to know a terrible secret? Most preachers don’t know how to prepare a sermon well. Monday to Saturday they feel the heavy pressure of having to deliver unique, inspiring and powerful messages week in and week out. They struggle alone preparing sermons for 10-18 hours a week, that’s 400-720 hours a year. Why? Because they never invested the time … Read more

7 Remarkable Stories You Can Use in Your Sermons

7 Remarkable Stories You Can Use In Your Sermons

Everybody loves a good story! That’s why Jesus told stories all the time. That’s why learning how to become a good storyteller can really help keep people engaged in your preaching. Here are 7 remarkable stories that can use to illustrate your main sermon outline. Save these in your preaching folder. Each story comes with a brief thought on how … Read more

How To Build A Church Congregation – 7 Key Church Growth Factors

how to build a church congregation

The only reason we want to know how to build a church congregation is because healthy, growing churches are the best vehicle to spread the gospel. We only get into this because we’re passionate about making the name of Jesus known. Either that or we’re crazy… Seriously though, being a pastor is not the typical 9-5 job where you can … Read more

My Preaching Rocket Review

Preaching rocket review

Welcome to my Preaching Rocket review! Firstly let me congratulate you for looking to improve your preaching skills! Preaching Rocket say you’ll get to discover the methods, strategies and techniques the most influential teachers in the church today use to prepare, deliver and evaluate their sermons… But is Preaching Rocket worth it or just a waste of time and money? … Read more

How to Preach Better Sermons – Preach Like Jesus

People loved to listen to Jesus preach. When Jesus spoke crowds were drawn to Him, they pulled away from their hectic lives to catch what He had to say. That’s powerful preaching. As a preacher and follower of Christ, your preaching shouldn’t be dull or predictable, it should be transformative and inspiring. Can you imagine if, instead of people glazing … Read more

10 Sermon Preparation Tips – Getting Over Preacher’s Block

Sermon Preparation Tips

Feeling uninspired and struggling with sermon preparation is not a fun place to be as a preacher. Even though I wasn’t preaching every week, my sermon prep used to keep getting pushed to far too late in the week. Most of my writing was done either really late on Saturday or even into the early hours of Sunday morning. You could say … Read more