5 Best Church Growth Courses: 60+ Hours Testing (2023)

Supercharge your church’s growth in 2023 with our definitive list of the best church growth courses.

After investing over 60 hours and going through dozens of courses, we’ve handpicked the top 5 courses that will empower you to lead your congregation to new heights.

So get ready to discover the proven strategies and tools that will accelerate your church’s growth and impact.

Let’s dive right in…

πŸ† Best Church Growth Courses πŸ†


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1. The Breaking 200 Course

The Breaking 200 Course – Key Points

πŸ’‘ About: Breaking 200 is a step-by-step course that gives you practical coaching, a supportive community and a game plan to lead your church to healthy growth.

πŸ’° Price: $397 one-time or $49 a month (join now, discount info)

😍 Pros: 7 modules with 21 on-demand coaching videos, interviews with real pastors, 30+ ready-to-use documents and resources. 30-day money-back guarantee.

😩 Cons: May not be suitable for churches with limited budgets.

πŸ‘ Verdict: A packed course that checks all the boxes. Highly recommended.



The Breaking 200 Course Church Growth Workshop by Michael Lukaszewski is simply the best church growth training I’ve found.

But don’t just take my word for it.

There are several church leaders who have gotten incredible results by applying this course in their local setting…

β€œI’ve been taking my staff through the Breaking 200 course and it’s been really helpful and super practical.”
We really love Jesus and want to win and keep the lost for Him. We are doing a better and better job, thanks to the Breaking 200 course.

It has really helped us start some good forward momentum with our leadership team even through a year of pastoral transition.

The thing that blesses me most is the clarity that we have brought in to our church through the Breaking 200 course. It has allowed our new guests to see what we are REALLY all about. Thank you.
β€œWe did it and broke 200 the first Sunday after we started the training.

We have fully implemented most of the principles. It helps you to think differently even if you decide some of the principles aren’t for you.

We went through the course with about 25 folks whose mission was to help us learn and contextualize the information.

It was great! Do it!”

2. The Church Growth Workshop

The Church Growth Workshop – Key Points

πŸ’‘ About: Strategic church growth training by Eric Bryant covering personal momentum, vision clarity and how to get more first-timers into your church.

πŸ’° Price: Normally $16.99, discounted to $11.99 (join now, discount info)

😍 Pros: Eric has 25 years church planting experience, includes real case studies and a ton of downloadable resources.

😩 Cons: Could be more in-depth, few student testimonials and no community.

πŸ‘ Verdict: A great option for pastors and church leaders. Whether your church is big or small, it will give you actionable next steps to grow your church.



Eric brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having served in various church planting and leadership roles for many years.

What I love about this course (besides the fact it’s brilliantly presented) is it goes beyond just theoretical concepts and dives into the actionable steps you can implement right away to expand your reach, build meaningful connections and develop leaders.

Parts of the course reminded me of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church because it’s all about intentionally creating a system for church growth.

The course is 2 hours in total and while that might seem short, it’s packed with value that leaves a lasting impact.

Whether you’re a new or experienced pastor or church planter, this course is a solid option if you want to actually enjoy ministry again and reach people you never thought possible.

This is a great course to go through with your leadership team too, as it takes you from knowing into action with tools and resources like:

  • 90-Day Church Growth Roadmap
  • Church Growth Team Planning Guide

At only $11.99 one-time this is a super affordable course and it comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Church Growth Marketing

Church Growth Marketing – Key Points

πŸ’‘ About: A comprehensive masterclass on how to market your church taught by Chris Metford, the Chief Marketing Officer at one of the largest churches in the US.

πŸ’° Price: $13.99 (20% discount from original price of $16.99) (join now, discount info)

😍 Pros: Practical tips for immediate impact, real-world examples, 40+ lessons, 3.5 hours of video content and downloadable resources.

😩 Cons: Focused on church marketing specifically.

πŸ‘ Verdict: A solid, no-nonsense course for leaders and pastors who want to learn how to market their church effectively.



4. Church Marketing Like Jesus Did It

Church Marketing Like Jesus Did It – Key Points

πŸ’‘ About: A church growth course created by Brett Henderson focusing on biblical marketing strategies

πŸ’° Price: $16.99 regular price, $11.99 with discount (join now, discount info)

😍 Pros: Practical step-by-step application backed by solid scriptural support.

😩 Cons: Quality of video lessons could be better.

πŸ‘ Verdict: A good course for leaders seeking effective biblical marketing strategies.



5. Church Growth 101

Church Growth 101 – Key Points

πŸ’‘ About: Church growth course focused on applying “The 4 Principles of Church Growth” with real-life examples and easy-to-follow steps.

πŸ’° Price: $16.99 or $11.99 with 20% off (join now, discount info)

😍 Pros: Insights from a renowned church growth expert, practical application, emphasis on community needs, empowering smaller groups, measuring church goals, fostering new-friendly environments.

😩 Cons: Only 1 hour long – could’ve been way more in-depth.

πŸ‘ Verdict: Particularly helpful for those facing growth challenges or seeking a fresh approach to ministry.



Unrated Church Growth Courses πŸ€”

Some other church growth courses we plan to review in-depth…

  • Digital Marketing For Church Growth by Pastor Dre
  • Church Ministry & Growth by Stanley Harris
  • The Art Of Church Growth by Carey Nieuwhof

If there’s another church growth course you’d like us to review, tell us about it here.

Best Church Growth Strategies β›ͺ

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