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GrowChurch.net came into existence on the 1st July, 2015 as a small virtual place for church leaders and pastors to share church growth strategies.

I had no clue back then what this would become. Since then, GrowChurch.net has quickly grown to hundreds of how-to tutorials and articles, thousands of email subscribers and hundreds of amazing comments on each post.

What’s amazed me the most is that this blog has become the single best community of church leaders on the planet. We call them the GrowChurch Champions and on almost every post they leave hundreds of helpful comments and interact in a friendly and loving way.

(The comments are often more enlightening than my articles!)

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A quick look back at my journey

about GrowChurch.netMy name is Simon Crowe and I’m proud to be from Leeds, a city on the heart of God’s very own county of Yorkshire, Great Britain.

I grew up not having a clue about who God was.

In June 1997 I was 12 years old and a friend of my mum’s invited us to watch a showing of ‘Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames‘ and I was blown away.

Tears streamed down my face as I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

This was the first time I’d ever heard I needed Jesus and though I barely knew anything that wasn’t in the illustrated Bible I once read, I was serious and even then, I knew this was a major turning point in my life.

We immediately starting attending Victory Church, Leeds, a church part of a network of churches called Victory Churches International. I collided with precious Fatherhood of God and started changing me from the inside out.

I grew up in that church and Victory Churches UK as a preacher, teacher, worship leader, youth pastor, tea maker, door holder – you name it, I’ve done it!

Right from the get-go, God was speaking to me about missions and I felt a real call to the Asian mission field.

In 2007 I went came to Thailand and studied Missiology (study of Missions) and Theology, graduating from Victory Asia Bible College in 2012.

It was 2014 I finally made the move to Thailand as a serving missionary to support church planting efforts. Thailand serves as the hub of Victory Churches of Asia where we train pastors and church leaders to accomplish the Great Commission in their home nations.

Today we have church planting movements, Christian schools, children’s homes, media and youth ministries all across the nations of Asia.

The vision is huge and the task of the Great Commission even bigger and we need all the help we can get.

Am I a master builder? An expert church planter? Not yet but one day I will be.

I am determined to see God’s Kingdom established on this earth and I see no greater cause worth giving my life to than this.

I do not claim to have all of the answers but my hope is that this site will become a great resource for pastors and church leaders, a safe space to share ideas and learn from, inspire and encourage one another onto greater works!

If you are a senior pastor, worship team leader, youth pastor and children’s pastor then I’m confident you’re going to get a lot from this site.

Bill Hybels put it best in his book ‘Courageous Leadership‘ when he said:

“What makes my heart beat fast is engaging with leaders in local churches, because I believe that the local church is the hope of the world.”[ Tweet this]

It really is.

God has assigned the ultimate life or death mission to the church and through it, if we would rise up and be all that we could be and should be, we would be the greatest force for good this planet has ever seen.

There are more churches now than at any other time. Due to huge technological advances, we have more opportunities to spread the life-giving Gospel of Jesus now than at any other point in church history.

Jesus told Peter in Matthew 16:18 that on the rock, the revelation, the established truth that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God He will build His Church.

I don’t care what organisation you’re affiliated with – whatever worship style, service format; this one truth is concurrent throughout all denominations – Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

It’s true – nothing has been able to come against the church. By rights it shouldn’t even exist; it’s had everything thrown at it and still prevailed in this truth.

To His Kingdom there will be no end and it is God who establishes His church – in partnership with you and me.

Yes that’s right. We are now the caretakers of the church.

What will we hand over to the next generation?

What will be our legacy?

This is what GrowChurch is all about – growing and building strong, powerful and influential 21st century churches. So if you’re serious about building your church you’re in the right place!

The Purpose of GrowChurch.net

GrowChurch.net is dedicated to resourcing, informing, and connecting a community of church leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide.

On GrowChurch.net you’ll find engaging articles from today’s leading voices in the church, fresh ideas, current news, free resources, and a growing leader community, all geared toward helping you lead better.

GrowChurch.net is not just for pastors but for every aspiring leader, volunteer, or staff person who desires to serve Christ and change the world for Him.

Here’s to bigger and better churches, and making an eternal difference. Thank you so much for joining with me on this journey of learning all we can to build stronger, bigger and better churches; giving hope to the hopeless, loving the unloved and reaching the unreached.

Everything I make from this site goes to support the missions work here in Thailand; to planting and growing churches and supporting Bible school students and raising leaders across South East Asia and around the world.

You can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

If you’re looking for a place to begin then I recommend you read the Top Ten Strategies To Get More First Time People Into Your Church.

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Why include an about you section in my about me page?

Well, because this blog is all about helping you take your church forward. That’s why it’s called Grow Church!

I honestly believe that helping others is the only way to live my life meaningfully. I always try to respond to every comment and Tweet that I get and aim to develop friendships with as many of my readers as possible.

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