Time To Evaluate: The 10 Marks Of A Healthy Church

Is it just about building big churches or are we in the business of building strong and healthy churches that produce disciples?

Sometimes we need to stop being busy, step back and evaluate.

It’s good, as a pastor, to have some benchmarks to measure your church ministry by. We can easily get so wrapped up in doing what we’re doing that we forget what we’re doing it for.

When you visit the doctor for a check-up, he asks you a series of questions and checks your vital signs.

Thom Rainer, author of Simple Church and Autopsy of a Deceased Church has worked with churches all across the US helping them to diagnose the current health of their churches.

Take a look at these 10 questions to get at least get an idea of the current state of your church’s health:

1. Are Members More Concerned About The Lost Than Their Own Comfort?

One of the key marks of a healthy church lies in the attitudes and actions of its members, so listen closely to how your congregation talks and interacts.

Are they more concerned about reaching the lost or fixated on their personal preferences and comfort?

A congregation focused on evangelism exhibits a genuine passion for reaching souls, selflessly placing the needs of others above their own desires.

2. Does The Church Pray Regularly For The Lost?

Most churches are good at praying for physical needs, but do they pray for the lost; those with the greatest spiritual need – a relationship with Jesus Christ?

When our hearts break for the lost, we demonstrate our genuine concern for souls and our commitment to the Great Commission.

3. Are Members Open To Reaching People Who Don’t Think Or Act Like Them?

As your church welcomes the unchurched and new believers, it’s important to embrace them with open hearts, understanding that they may come with bad habits, old ways of thinking, and unbiblical views of the world.

Do members celebrate when these people become a part of the church?

Do they befriend them and help them on their journey?

Members of an evangelistically healthy church show genuine hospitality to those who may have different perspectives or backgrounds.

They celebrate when new individuals become part of the church community and willingly walk alongside them as they grow in their faith and understanding of Christ’s teachings.

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4. Do Conflicts Drain The Energy Of The Church?

Conflicts within the church drain its energy and divert attention away from its mission to reach others.

A divided church is rarely outward-looking or healthy.

A healthy church uses grace to handle conflict and prioritises unity.

5. Do Your Small Groups Seek To Reach The Lost?

Are your small church home groups evangelistic?

Other than Sunday mornings, your home groups are the biggest front door to the church, so do your members actively invite new people?

6. Is The Church Leadership Evangelistic?

If a pastor and his leadership team are focused on reaching the unreached then the congregation will likely follow suit.

7. Does The Preacher Regularly Share The Gospel?

Not every single sermon has to be for new people, but all sermons should point people to the finished work of Jesus.

8. Do You Have Outreach-Focused Ministries?

Maybe it’s a soup kitchen or youth football outreach, whatever it is, you’ll be amazed at how willing people are to step up and volunteer when they know they can make a difference.

9. Have Your Programs Userped Your Purpose?

Some we launch new ministries for the right reasons but then over time the purpose becomes to maintain the programs themselves.

Your church programs and systems need to be organised around the mission of the church, not the other way around.

10. Are Members Encouraged To Spread The Word?

Is there an emphasis in your church on personal friendship evangelism?

Do you train members on how to share the Gospel with someone?

Do they know how to tell their personal testimony?

Your job as a pastor is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and create a healthy church culture where evangelism is encouraged.

I love how the members of the 2-day-old church reacted after Peter and John were released from prison for preaching the Gospel.

They didn’t pray for safety, nor were they concerned at all for their own welfare, instead they prayed for God to grant them more boldness to share the Gospel:

And now, Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness.”

I pray we’d be more like the early church.

May we forget about our own comforts and have a spirit of urgency to save a world which is lost.

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How Healthy Is Your Church?

Pastors, I would love to hear from you on this one.

How would you evaluate the current health of your church? 

What do you think are your church’s strong and weak areas?

Scroll down and leave your comments.

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