The Purpose Driven Church Book Review – Still Relevant 20 Years On?


Last Update 8th October, 2016.

Although The Purpose Driven Church was written by Rick Warren in the mid-nineties, I would still include this in my list of recommended books for pastors as I think the church growth materials shared in this book are still very much relevant to our churches today in the 21st century.

I read this book at least ten years ago and we’ve read it again recently as a leadership team and it’s been good to refresh ourselves on the principles of church growth. It forces you to be outward focused and to see things from an unchurched person’s perspective.

I love the fact that this book is not written by some theologian somewhere in a library, but Pastor Rick shares from first-hand experience and what he has already applied and what has proven to work in Saddleback Church.

The Purpose Driven Church book is packed full of practical ways to increase your church’s membership and shows you how to see more people maturing from just ‘on the edges’ to becoming a core member of your church to build a strong and healthy church.

If you haven’t read it – I highly recommend that you do.

Some people have issues with some of Rick Warren’s theology but I didn’t see that.

Even so, take from it what you can use and apply it to your local setting.

My Rating

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