36 Church Welcome Poems You Can Use To Inspire & Connect

Hey there church service host!

Looking for the best church welcome poems you can use this Sunday?

I’ve got you covered.

I’m going to give you 36 done-for-you church welcome poems you can use.

Because let’s face it, a good church welcome poem isn’t just a greeting; it’s a verbal hug that reaches out and says, “You belong here!”

And that’s not all:

If you really want to roll out the red carpet for first-time guests then check out these top 10 church welcome speeches.

So, let’s dive right in! Here they are sorted into the following categories:

36 Church Welcome Poems

1. In Worship Of Jesus

Welcome to this sanctuary, where hearts unite,

In worship of Jesus, our guiding light.

From the cross’s story to the love’s grand scope,

In this church, we find our eternal hope.

With hands in prayer, we lift our praise,

His mercy and grace fill our days.

From the depths of His love to the heights of the sky,

In His presence, we find reasons to fly.

So come and partake in His grace so divine,

In this church, His love forever shines.

Let’s sing and proclaim, let our spirits soar,

Jesus, our Saviour whom we adore.

2. Feel At Home

You’re embraced with warmth in our church’s light,

As we gather for worship, hearts ignite.

Thankful to God, our source of grace,

Love and joy bloom in this sacred space.

Through Jesus Christ, our Savior and guide,

In His love and grace, we all abide.

Feel His presence as you listen near,

To His Word that brings hope so clear.

Feel at home as His blessings flow,

In this community where His love does glow.

May His grace envelop, make hearts anew,

Welcome, dear soul, His love’s for you.

3. Welcome Poem for Church Visitors

Open your heart to His Spirit’s call, as we gather, one and all.

In His presence, we are made strong, His love guides us, all life long.

Let’s sing, let’s dance, let’s let love flow, in this church where His power does grow.

Your journey here is a story to share, in this family of faith, we deeply care.

Welcome to our church, a place so dear, where hearts connect and spirits cheer.

With open arms and smiles so bright, we gather in God’s love and light.

A sanctuary of hope and grace, where we find strength in every embrace.

Come as you are, let worries cease, in this sacred space, find inner peace.

In praise and prayers, our voices blend, in worship, may our souls ascend.

Your presence here is a treasured grace, welcome to our church, this sacred place.

4. Poetic Instruction

Welcome, dear souls, to this place of grace, where God’s love shines on every face.

Whether you’re here for the first time today, or returning with hearts that light the way.

Newcomers, grab a welcome pack with delight, info and love woven just right.

Let’s worship together, hearts entwine for in His presence, joy and hope combine.

Join the songs that lift spirits high, let your heart soar, let your praises fly.

And after the service, don’t dash away, stay for coffee and smiles, come what may.

From new friends to those well-known, in this church, love’s seeds are sown.

So let’s journey united, shining so bright, welcome, dear souls, to a faith’s pure light.

5. Welcome To Church Poem

Welcome to our church, a place so dear, where hearts connect and spirits cheer.

With open arms and smiles so bright, we gather in God’s love and light.

A sanctuary of hope and grace, where we find strength in every embrace.

Come as you are, let worries cease and in this sacred space, find inner peace.

With hymns and prayers, our voices blend, in worship, may our souls ascend.

Your presence here is a treasured grace, welcome to our church, this sacred place.

6. Thank You For Coming

Welcome to our sacred space, where love and grace interlace.

With open hearts, we gather here, a family of faith, sincere and near.

Join us in songs of joy and praise, as we navigate life’s winding maze.

Your presence adds a special touch, we’re grateful you’re a part of us.

7. Where You’re Meant To Be

Step through our doors, you’re not alone, in this church, God’s love is shown.

With open hearts, we greet you near, welcome to a place of faith so clear.

Gather with us, a family in grace, In this church, you’ve found your place.

With smiles and warmth, we open wide, welcome, dear friend, to God’s side.

Enter this space, where hearts unite, in worship and love, our souls take flight.

With arms extended, we say with glee, welcome to our church, where you’re meant to be.

In this sanctuary, a haven of peace, we welcome you with joy that won’t cease.

With open hearts, we share in His grace, join our community, let His love embrace.

Step into our fellowship, hearts sincere, in this church, love’s the atmosphere.

With hands outstretched, we welcome you near, let’s worship together, filled with cheer.

Gather ’round, you’re invited to explore, a place of worship, where love’s at the core.

With open arms, we say with delight, welcome to our church, day and night.

Enter our midst, let your heart align, in this church, His love’s the sign.

With hands lifted high, let’s celebrate, welcome to worship, it’s never too late.

In this house of faith, we extend our hand, welcoming you to a place so grand. With love and warmth, we gladly say, welcome to our church, come join the assembly.

8. A Call To Worship

Step in, let’s worship side by side, where hearts unite, no need to hide.

Hands raised high, hearts full of glee, In His presence, we’re truly free.

With Holy Spirit’s fire, we ignite, singing praises, our souls take flight.

In this place of worship, we find, a connection deep, of one heart and mind.

Welcome to the place where we adore, entering worship, hearts craving more.

Hands lifted, spirits set aglow, in His presence, His love we know.

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9. The Greatness Of God

Oh, let’s talk about the greatness of God. In every creation, His glory’s awed.

From mountains tall to oceans wide, His handiwork fills us with awe inside.

He paints the skies with hues so grand, His love reaches out across the land.

From dawn to dusk, His wonders unfold, The greatness of God, a story told.

In every heartbeat, in every breath, We see His greatness, there’s no death.

A universe vast, galaxies that spin, His majesty reigns, forever within.

So let’s lift our voices, let praises ring, For God’s greatness, let our spirits sing.

In awe we stand, His love embraced, His greatness, a truth that can’t be erased.

10. A Family United

In this church, we’re more than just a crowd; we are a family united, strong and proud.

From the moment you step through the door, know you’re valued, cherished and more.

Our pews are filled with stories untold, of lives transformed, and hearts of gold.

We’re here to worship, to learn, to share, to lift each other in fervent prayer.

With open hearts and arms outstretched, we journey together, faith’s path etched.

So join our fellowship, be part of this crew. In this church, God’s love is our glue.

Together we laugh, we cry, we grow, Welcome, dear friend, let His blessings flow.

11. Where Hearts Are Connected

Gather around you seekers of grace, in this church, love’s embrace we trace.

From the moment you enter, you’ll find a home, where hearts are connected and allowed to roam.

In worship, we lift our voices high. In prayer, we reach for the sky.

With teachings that inspire and friendships so grand, welcome to the place where God’s love stands.

In fellowship, growth, and service combined, a church where faith and purpose align.

So step inside, let His presence fill your core, welcome, dear friend, to this faith-filled door.

12. Dear Seekers

Step into this sacred space, hearts aglow, where the love of Jesus is what we know.

From the cross’s sacrifice to the grace so deep, in this church, His promises we faithfully keep.

With arms wide open, His love reaches out, in every teaching, there’s no doubt.

From darkness to light, from broken to whole, In His embrace, we find our soul’s goal.

So welcome, dear seekers, to His fold, where His story of redemption is told.

Let’s gather in worship, His presence adore, In this church, His love’s at the core.

13. As We Gather Together

To new hearts, a warm embrace we send, as we gather, as friends, as one blend.

For in this space, we seek to ignite, the flames of worship burning so bright.

Let your soul open, let your spirit soar, as we prepare to worship, to adore.

In every note, in each heartfelt prayer, God’s presence surrounds, love beyond compare.

And now, as we turn to His Word divine, let your heart and mind intertwine.

With eager ears, His wisdom we’ll explore, as we delve into His truths worth waiting for.

So come, be ready to worship and hear, as we gather together we know God is near.


14. Short & Sweet

Hey, all you fresh faces in the crowd,

We’re glad you’re here, cheering out loud.

Get ready to worship, hearts in sync,

And dive into God’s Word, let’s think.

15. We Welcome You

Step inside, you’re not alone,

In this church, you’ve found a home.

With open arms and hearts aglow,

We welcome you, let God’s love flow.

16. Where Hope Resounds

Gather here, where love abounds,

A place of worship, where hope resounds.

With open hearts, let’s all unite,

To worship in His glorious light.

17. Spirit-Led Church Welcome Poem

Enter our midst, let your heart align,

In this Spirit-led church, His power’s the sign.

With hands lifted high, let’s celebrate,

Welcome to worship, where new beginnings await.

18. A Family On Fire

Gather with us, a family on fire,

In this Spirit-led church, your heart will aspire.

With worship that’s bold, we open wide,

Welcome, dear friend, to God’s side.

19. More Than A Guest

Here, you’re more than just a guest.

In this church, love is our quest.

As we gather to praise and pray,

Know His blessings are here to stay.

20. Faith-Filled Beat

Hello, wonderful souls, take a seat.

In this church, we’ve got a faith-filled beat.

From prayer’s embrace to friendships new,

Let’s enjoy this journey, me and you!

21. Come On In

Step into our sanctuary, come on in!

In this church, laughter’s the welcome grin.

From stories told to connections anew,

You’re part of this family, through and through!


22. Sane Joy

Welcome to a church where faith’s the game,

And humour’s the secret to keep us all sane.

With wit in the pews and joy in the air,

Join us for a service beyond compare!

23. You’re Right On Time

Good morning, fabulous folks so fine, you’ve skipped that snooze, you’re right on time.

To gather here, as one big crew, in this church where love’s tried and true.

It’s like a family, a truth so clear, with quirky uncles and wise aunts near.

Cousins who hunt the cookie gold, Yet love’s the treasure that we hold.

So take a seat, grab a hymnal dear, the warmth of togetherness is here.

Let your voice rise, let your heart shout, because the love of Christ is what it’s all about.

24. Dancing Shoes

Welcome, welcome, one and all, to this joyful gathering hall.

Put on your dancing shoes, don’t you delay – it’s time to worship God this day!

Clap your hands, let laughter ring, in praise to the One, let your voices sing.

We’re here to celebrate, let hearts take flight. Dance, clap, and sing with all your might.

So gather ’round, let’s make some noise; a symphony of praise, a chorus of joys.

In this worship, let your spirits spring. Dance, clap and sing, let the melody ring!

25. Take A Sip

Hello, seekers of truth and coffee’s sweet brew!

Coffee and faith, there’s a combo that’s true.

In this church, we serve up both Word and joe, For warmth in your soul and your coffee to go.

Grab your Bible, your mug, take a seat, let’s blend wisdom with laughs, it’s quite the feat.

As we sip and learn, with humour in our hand, let’s journey together, faith and jokes grand!

26. Enjoy The Ride

Hey there, folks, come on in, take a seat. This is where God’s love and laughter meet.

Whether you’re here for the first or tenth time, we’re all about joy, no uphill climb.

Newcomers, grab a welcome pack, don’t be shy, It’s like a treasure hunt, oh my, oh my!

Let’s worship together, voices in sync, In His presence, let’s have a praise-filled think.

Join the chorus, even if you can’t sing, Let the joy in your heart take wing.

And after the service, don’t run like a hare. Stay for coffee, we’ve got treats to share!

From fresh faces to those who know the drill, in this church, laughter’s part of the thrill.

So let’s journey together, side by side, Welcome, dear friends and let’s enjoy the ride!


27. Little Champions

Hello, little champions, ready for a thrill?

In this church, there’s learning that’s a skill.

From Noah’s Ark to David’s sling so bright,

Adventure awaits, so join in with all your might!

28. Kids Gather ‘Round

Kids gather ’round, it’s time to explore,

In this church of wonder, let’s open the door.

With games and stories, laughter and glee,

We’re here to learn and grow, you and me!

29. Welcome Poem For Kids Church

Welcome, kids, to this special space,

Where God’s love shines on every face.

With crafts, songs and lessons so bright,

Let’s explore His Word with all our might!

30. Faith & Fun

Welcome, little ones, to a place so grand,

Where fun and faith go hand in hand.

We’ll sing, we’ll play, and stories we’ll share,

Let’s embark on this journey with hearts full of care.


Hello, little wonders, gather ’round so near,

In this children’s church, there’s nothing to fear.

With crafts that amaze and stories so cool,

Love God and one another – that’s the golden rule!


32. A Church Welcome Poem For Christmas

In this season of light and grace, we gather here, hearts to embrace.

A time of joy, a time of cheer, it’s Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year!

With carols and candles, our spirits ignite, as we celebrate the birth of the One so bright.

In this church, His love we share, In the story of hope, we find solace and care.

With hearts full of wonder, let’s gather ’round. In the presence of God’s love, we’re bound.

A season of giving, of love on display, welcome to Christmas, let’s celebrate this day.

Let’s join in worship, hearts aligned, In His love’s glow, we’re all entwined.

In faith and fellowship, hand in hand, welcome, dear friends, to this joyous land.

33. A Church Welcome Poem For Easter

With hearts that sing and spirits renewed, we gather here, knowing what’s pursued.

“He is risen,” the joyful cry we heed, welcome to Easter, in word and deed!

Death is conquered, sin’s chains unfurled, it’s the triumph of Jesus, saviour of the world.

“He is risen indeed!” let’s proudly proclaim, In this church, His victory’s our acclaim.

With hearts ablaze, let’s raise our voice, in the presence of Christ, our souls rejoice.

He’s overcome all, a triumphant display, welcome to Easter, let’s celebrate this day.

34. A Church Welcome Poem For Men’s Day

To the men who stand strong, we say, welcome to this special day.

A time to gather, a time to unite, In God’s love and His guiding light.

Brothers, fathers, friends so dear, your presence fills this atmosphere.

Today’s a celebration of you all, in this church, you stand tall.

With hearts of courage, minds of grace, may God’s blessings fill this space.

A day to honour, a day to pray, welcome to this Men’s Day.

35. A Church Welcome Poem For Women’s Day

To the women who inspire and guide, welcome to this joyous ride.

A day of honour, a chance to share, in God’s love, we all declare.

Sisters, leaders, hearts so true, in this church, we celebrate you.

Today’s about your strength and grace, in this gathering, we find our place.

With hearts uplifted, spirits free, may His blessings flow, endlessly.

A day of unity, in a beautiful array, welcome to Women’s Day.

Let’s worship together, hearts aligned, in His presence, we’re intertwined.

In faith and friendship, hand in hand, welcome, women, to this blessed expanse.

36. A Church Welcome Poem For Your Pastor’s Anniversary

On this special day we gather, hearts aglow, to honour the shepherd who helps us grow.

With faith and love, you’ve led the way, welcome to Pastor’s Anniversary, hooray!

Guiding us through every path we’ve trod, you’re more than a pastor; you’re a child of God.

In this church, your dedication’s clear, through joy and challenges, year after year.

With gratitude and praise, we raise our voice, celebrating your service, your faith, your choice.

A milestone reached, a journey’s survey, welcome to Pastor’s Anniversary, we say.

Let’s come together, hearts aligned, in worship’s embrace, His love we find.

In faith and fellowship, hand in hand, welcome, Pastor, to this honoured stand.

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