5 Practical Ways To Increase Church Giving

Ways To Increase Church GivingWhen we’re looking at the best ways to increase church giving we do so for one reason and one reason only:

More money in the offering basket = more lives changed

That’s really what it comes down to.

Yes, giving releases the blessing of God in the lives of your members, but encouraging people to tithe also means more money for ministry.

What would your church look like if you had more financial resources going towards the work of evangelism and discipleship?

How many more people would you be able to reach with the gospel?

A generous church is a powerful church – because with more, you can do more.

Your ministry will multiply when you create a giving culture by inspiring and motivating your members to give generously and faithfully.

Here are 5 ways to increase church giving you can start implementing right away to see a difference to your church’s bottom line.

1. Say “Thank you!”

Two short but powerful words. Saying thank you is the simplest way to increase your church’s giving and yet most of us just don’t do it.

Did you know it only takes a little bit of gratitude to trigger even greater generosity?

Andy Stanley said it best when he said: “What gets rewarded gets repeated.”

This is especially true when you’re thanking individuals who are giving for the very first time.

And I don’t just mean saying it just from the stage either, personalise it.

Check out these What Happens When you Give booklets – each one comes with a blank thank you note and an envelope.

what happens when you give bookletsIn an age of smartphones, texts, emails and instant messaging, nothing shows your appreciation better than a handwritten thank you note delivered in the mail.

Try it for the next 3 months and see what happens to the giving in your church!

2. Give people a way to donate automatically

In a recent study of 1,000 churches only 14% exceeded their budget in the previous year. Everyone of the 14% said ‘the ability to receive automatic donations’ was the most significant factor.

If you don’t already have a way for your people to send money in a regular and automated way you may be missing out.

The truth is this is a win-win for both givers and church finance teams…

For givers because, even with the best of intentions we can simply forget to give, but with automatic giving members are able to ensure bad weather, travel, illness or cancelled services will not come between them and their gift to your church.

For your finance and budgeting teams because they’ll be able to more safely predict what the monthly giving will look like, making ministry planning a whole lot easier.

3. Make it easier than ever with mobile giving

With 225 million out of 325 million Americans (70%) now having a smartphone, increase your church giving by making it easier than ever to give.

We already use apps on our phone to read the Bible and take notes during sermons, so why not allow them to give through their devices too?

church giving apps

This could include people giving online through your church website or donating via text.

Mobile or digital giving empowers your members to give immediately with the device in their pocket at a click of a button.

4. Inspire generosity with personal stories

While handing out your church’s financial statements can help, it’s stories not statistics that motivate people to dig deep. So share the names behind the numbers and let your members see how their money is making a difference in people’s lives.

Is there a family in your local community your church was able to support during a tough time?

Tell your givers!

Is there a a young person who was aimless and lost until they came to your church and found meaning and purpose?

Share the good news!

Did someone make a decision to follow Christ?

Share about it in your sermon, show a video testimony, send an email telling everyone about it or have a Q & A right before the offering – however you do it, just get the word out!

These stories make generosity personal and powerful. People will always give more when they know the impact their money is making.

5. Preach about money

Some pastors avoid preaching on the subject of money altogether but if you’re serious about creating a giving culture there’s no better way than teaching your people about the blessing of giving.

Right before passing the offering plates is the ideal time. Think about it, the average offering message is only 3 minutes long, those 3 minutes fund the whole work of the church for a week, so make them count.

The Bible has a lot to say about finances (take a look at these 77 offering scriptures for example) and I’m sure there are plenty of people in your church who would benefit greatly from learning what God has to say about generosity and good financial stewardship.

done for you offering messages

So get creative with your offering messages and feel free to mix it up a little.

Here are 50+ FREE done-for-you giving talk scripts to get you started.

Take them, use them and make your next giving talk the best one yet!

I genuinely hope you’ve found these tips helpful. I challenge you to pick any one of the strategies listed here, apply it in your local setting and watch the giving increase.

If you have any ideas of your own we’d love to hear from you! Share them below. Got any questions? I will be more than happy to help.

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  1. powerful and inspirational teachings in this blog. i’m getting down on it and i am excited already and not only that but also rejuvenated to preach/talk about money towards church programs as early as tonight


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