Welcome Team: 5 Common-Sense Church Greeting Tips

10 tips for your church welcome team

The sad fact is, on average, 70% of first time visitors to your church don’t come back a second time. If you don’t want visitors to come back a second time I recommend you read ‘7 Crazy Ways to make People Feel Unwelcome in your Church‘.  If you do your want your church to grow and for visitors to become members … Read more

How To Encourage People To Tithe

how to encourage people to tithe

Today we’re going to look at 7 simple, yet effective strategies and techniques on how to encourage people to tithe. You’ll be able to start implementing these right away right away.  Taken individually, these steps can begin impacting your church’s giving as soon as next week. Taken together, you can dramatically redirect the financial direction of your church in the months … Read more

Time to Evaluate: The 10 Marks of a Healthy Church

Is it just about building big churches or are we in the business of building strong and healthy churches that produce disciples? Sometimes we just need to stop being busy, step back and evaluate. It’s good, as a pastor, to have some benchmarks to measure your church ministry by. We can easily get so wrapped up in doing what we’re … Read more

How To Grow A Small Church in 6 Practical Steps

how to grow a small church

Knowing how to grow a small church doesn’t mean there’s a one quick fix solution, but there are certain areas you can focus on to make the biggest difference. Pastoring a small church comes with a lot of challenges and many demands on your time, especially if you’re involved in a new church plant. My hope is that whether your … Read more

Free Sermon Evaluation Form – Get Fast Feedback (Instant Download)

free sermon evaluation form

Asking someone who’s opinion you value to complete a sermon evaluation form is a great way to figure out your blindspots and identify areas you can improve. There is always space for us to grow as preachers, even the most experienced of us. The best preachers are those who are hungry to get better. Asking people for honest feedback can … Read more

7 Crazy Ways To Make Visitors Feel Unwelcome In Your Church

7 Crazy Ways To Make Visitors Feel Unwelcome In Your Church

Occasionally outsiders may visit your church on a Sunday morning. How often this happens depends on where your church is located and whether or not you advertise your church. In a future post I will share with you preventative steps that will ensure you never get newbies darkening the doors of your church again, but for now, let’s get stuck … Read more

How To Preach Without Notes – I Dare You To Try It!

how to preach without notes

“Preaching without notes? Is that even possible?!” Yes, it is 🙂 I’m going to show you how to preach without notes using a technique I learned from Preaching Rocket. But first, here’s one good reason to leave your security blanket at home next Sunday… Preaching without notes means you can focus on your people instead of your papers. When you’re reliant … Read more

1 Thing You Can Do Today To Improve Your Preaching

1 thing you can do today to improve your preaching

First off, let me commend you for looking to improve your preaching! 90% of church visitors say good preaching is the single biggest reason they come back the second week. That’s why taking time to develop your preaching skills is a win-win for you and your church. Honestly, the first few times I got behind a pulpit didn’t work out … Read more

How To Start A Small Group Bible Study From Scratch

how to start a small group bible study

Today in this 5 step how to start a small group Bible study guide I want to break down how you can take to get your first small group off the ground into bite-size portions. But let me start by making you a promise: It’s not as difficult as you think. I believe you’re reading this because God’s called you raise … Read more

How To Run A Bible Study (Even If You Never Have Before)

how to run a bible study

In this how to run a Bible study guide I’m going to go over some of the core strategies and techniques I use to not run a group, but grow it successfully. If you haven’t launched your group yet, be sure to check out: How To Start A Small Group Bible Study From Scratch I’m going to share with you all … Read more