The 5 Qualities & Characteristics Of A Great Worship Leader

qualities and characteristics of a good worship leader

Outstanding worship leaders love serving God and His church. They’re driven by a profound desire to know God intimately and possess a special talent for orchestrating life-changing God encounters for others. But great worship leaders are made, not born. They learn from every experience and possess an insatiable hunger to improve and a relentless drive to grow – not just … Read more

44 Bible Verses You Can Use Next Time You Lead Worship

bible verses to use when leading worship

Leading worship is a humbling responsibility: You get to create moments where people have face-to-face encounters with God that touch hearts and change lives. However, knowing just what to say and which scriptures to share is an art. It can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why preparation is our secret weapon – whether it’s … Read more

Mastering Worship Team Rehearsals: A 5-Step Blueprint

worship team rehearsal

Would you like to run your worship team rehearsals more effectively and with purpose? You can. The key? A well-crafted plan. Many worship leaders stumble into rehearsals without a clear roadmap and hope for the best. But as a worship team leader, you’re called to more than just hitting the right chords; you’re called to lead your worship team musically, … Read more

10 Great Examples Of What You Can Say Before Leading Worship

what to say before leading worship

Thank you for planning what you’re going to say before leading worship this Sunday. This simple step alone sets you on a course to stand out from the crowd and steer clear of the all-too-common, “Let’s stand together and worship!” mantra that echoes in churches up and down the land 52 weeks of the year. In this guide, I’ll show … Read more

7 Ways To Grow Yourself As A Pastor & Unlock Your Potential

how to grow as a pastor

I get it. The weight of leading a church is immense. It’s a calling that demands our all. Back in 2014, I launched GrowChurch with the motto: “Grow yourself, grow your church.” Because, truth be told, our church’s growth is intertwined with our personal growth. Yes, you can do a stellar job welcoming visitors, have a systematic follow-up process, preach … Read more

How To Write A Perfect Sermon Bottom Line In 2023 (5 Steps)

How To Write The Perfect Bottom Line For Your Next Sermon

What sets a good sermon apart from a truly unforgettable one? It’s the bottom line. A sermon’s bottom line is a compelling statement that encapsulates your core message and leaves a lasting impression on your congregation long after the preaching. It’s the statement that lingers, the key takeaway and the truth that sticks. The more memorable it is, the deeper … Read more

What To Preach About For The First Time: 21 Topic Ideas

what to preach about for the first time

You’ve been asked to step up to the pulpit and preach for the very first time? What an incredible honour! Clearly, someone has recognised your hard work and faithfulness and sees your potential. Right now, I imagine you’re feeling that unique mix of nervousness and excitement that comes just before a rollercoaster ride – what I like to call the … Read more

How To Write Compelling 3-Point Sermon Outlines In 3 Steps

how to write 3 point sermon outlines

Monday morning you’re sat at your desk, surrounded by open books and your Bible. Determined, you try to write a compelling 3-point sermon outline that’ll inspire hearts and renew minds. Yet despite hours of study you struggle to organise your ideas into anything close to coherent. If this sounds familiar, you’re not the only one… We’ve all wrestled with the … Read more

29 Church Growth Strategies That Work In 2023 (+Examples)

church growth strategies

Ever found yourself staring at the ceiling late at night wondering how to see your church thrive? Looking for effective church growth strategies that not only attract more first-timers through your doors but also keep them coming back? Then you’re exactly where you need to be. What I’m about to share with you aren’t quick fixes, they will take work… … Read more

Killer Sermons Academy Review: 23 Things You Should Know

killer sermons academy reveiw

Welcome to the ultimate Killer Sermons Academy review for 2023. I’ve spent 30+ hours reviewing all premium training materials for the popular Preaching Donkey course known as Killer Sermons Academy. (Have you taken this course? Share your review with us! 🙏) If you want to know: Then your search ends here. Let’s get started. Killer Sermons Academy – Key Points 💡 About: A course … Read more