The Pastor’s Book Club: 5 Reasons You Should Join In 2024

pastors book club

Hey, fellow church leaders! If you’re ready to take your leadership skills and church growth to the next level, you’re in for a treat. Get ready to dive into the dynamic world of Church Fuel’s brand-new Pastor’s Book Club! What Is The Pastor’s Book Club? The Pastor’s Book Club is a unique resource for church leaders looking for leadership insights … Read more

Church Fuel Review: 11 Things You Must Know (2024)

church fuel review

This is my in-depth Church Fuel review. In this review, I’ll talk about: Here’s a quick overview: Church Fuel Review 💡 About: A community of like-minded pastors and leaders with courses, resources, live workshops and 1-on-1 coaching all geared towards helping you grow your church. 💰 Price: Starter membership is $49/month or $499 a year. All-Access is $99/month or $999 a … Read more

2024 Pastor’s Planner: Lead Your Ministry Effectively

pastor planner

I have a family… I run several businesses… And I’m planting a church in Bangkok. I’ve tried every planning app and task organisation tool out there that promises to jump-start productivity, but I always end up going back to my trusty pastor’s planner. Call me old school but I think there’s just something about physically jotting stuff down… Studies even … Read more

9 Insanely Actionable Ways To Spice Up Your Church Service

how to make your church service more interesting

Today I’m going to show you how to transform your Sunday morning church service into a magnetic experience that unlocks: 🌟 First-time visitors stepping through your doors.🤝 More people not just attending but connecting and coming back.💸 Increased giving to fuel your ministry.🙌 More individuals stepping up to volunteer.🌱 And the holy grail – sustainable church growth. Let’s dive right … Read more

How To Preach With Power & Authority: 10 Important Steps

how to preach with power

I have yet to meet a preacher who doesn’t want to preach with power. We want to see lives changed. It’s a deep God-given drive in all of us. It’s the reason we spend an average of 14 hours a week hidden away meticulously preparing our sermons. And yet sometimes our words lack authority, our preaching falls flat and our … Read more

How To Be A Church MC: Tips & Scripts For Seamless Services

Church MC

If you’ve been asked to take on the role of MC for your church, you want to do a good job of it… But if you’re just starting out, you’ve probably got a few burning questions like: What is a church MC exactly and what does a church MC do? Don’t worry – you’re at the right place. This beginner’s … Read more

23 Preaching Tips That’ll Actually Help You Preach Better

preaching tips

Run a Google search for “preaching tips” and brace yourself for a barrage of well-intentioned advice and bold claims, each promising a path to powerful preaching. But let’s keep it real: There’s no single formula, trick or tip for sermon preparation and delivery that’ll instantly transform you into a great preacher overnight. In this post, I’m not offering a quick … Read more

12 Compelling 4-Week Sermon Series Ideas For 2024

sermon series ideas

It can be difficult to think of sermon series ideas month in and month out, but I might be able to help you. As a pastor and preacher, you have just 30-45 minutes to speak into the lives of your people and give them something they can carry with them for the next 7 days. Each week you need to … Read more

How To Preach Like Andy Stanley In 5 Simple Steps

how to preach like andy stanley

So you want to know how to preach like Andy Stanley? Today we’re going to uncover break down the preaching techniques of Andy Stanley – acknowledged as one of the top 10 influential pastors in the US and undoubtedly one of the most listened-to preachers worldwide. And the good news is, unlike Colonel Sanders guarding his secret recipies, Andy Stanley … Read more

How Long Should It Take You To Write A Sermon? (New Study)

how long does it take to write a sermon

Are you wondering how long it should take to write a sermon? You’re not alone. As a preacher I’ve been there, spending hours in isolation, overdosing on caffeine and wrestling with the clock to write engaging and impactful messages… On average, a preacher spends 13 to 15 hours per week planning a sermon, though this isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The … Read more