How To Advertise Your Church On Facebook

Everyone’s on Facebook and promoting your church on Facebook is easier than you think.

It’s a powerful way of getting your church on people’s radar.

We use it every day and yet, most of us have yet to tap into the hidden potential of leveraging Facebook to promote our church.

You could go further and create a Facebook page for your men’s ministry, your youth group and so on.

Statistics show that 80% of people will visit your church’s website before deciding whether or not to visit your church.

If you haven’t got a church website then a Facebook page is the next best thing.

It’s super easy to set up and you can do it in minutes.

You will also get a web address that you can direct people to.

“80% of people will visit your church’s website before deciding whether or not to visit your church.”

Expand Your Reach

Using social media will extend the reach of your message.

When someone ‘Likes’ or joins your page they are known as a fan, and whenever you post on your page your fans will receive a notification whenever you post.

This creates a great way of getting your message out and the potential is enormous.

Let’s say for example you have 10 people in your church and each of them invites 20 of their friends to ‘Like’ the page – you’ve just reached 200 people and the best part is it’s 100% FREE.

I’m sure you have more than 10 people in your church with more than 20 friends so you do the math!

Promote Your Events

As well the obvious benefits of keeping your church’s Facebook community updated with your church’s latest news, sermon summaries and generating discussion, a Facebook page is a great way to promote your events.

Don’t miss the opportunity to optimise your Christmas and Easter services or new sermon series by creating and promoting an event on your Facebook page – it’s super easy, just click ‘Share’ and encourage your people to do the same – ask them to invite their friends!

It’s non-confrontational, immediate and there’s my favourite word again – ‘free!’

Tagging – Teach your people when they update a Facebook status that they can tag your church simply by typing your church name (see below). Again, this is a great way to word out about your church.

church facebook page

Create Your Facebook Page In Minutes

Here’s a step-by-step video to guide you through creating your very own Facebook page.

Go to and let’s get started!

Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Now your page is up and running you need to tell people about it! Invite your friends to become fans of the page and ask them to invite all their friends too!

Paid Facebook Ads

Another option you have is to promote your page or specific event on Facebook.

It’s easier than leaflet dropping or door knocking and much cheaper than newspaper advertising.

My home church is based in the heart of the city of Leeds, England, situated in a beautiful hotel right next to the main train station and surrounded on all sides by expensive apartment blocks full of young professionals.

We had already decided this was the demographic we were going for and were painfully aware that most of them didn’t have a clue we met right on their doorstep.

We couldn’t post our flyers through their doors if we wanted to – we simply couldn’t get access.

We decided to use Facebook advertising, not only because it was a lot cheaper than conventional newspaper advertising but, with Facebook, our church is going to show up on their phones and laptops…

You’re going where the people are, directly into their homes.

When setting up your Facebook advertisement you can target people via interests or location.

Don’t make the same mistake I did; I didn’t specify a location, I had people liking our UK-based Church Facebook page from Argentina, the Philippines and Botswana – which is great, but unless they happen to be passing through the UK someday they won’t be coming to the church!

Target your ad to a 10 or 20-km radius of where your church actually is! 🙂

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Any Questions About Getting Your Church On Facebook?

As always, if you’re unsure about anything be sure to scroll down and drop a comment and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. Simon,
    God bless you for your time and resources on to grow church. Please Sir I want your teaching on the use of website domain to grow church both the free one and the paid version.

    • Glad you found this helpful pastor Bryan, Facebook is a great place to advertise and promote your church as this is where everyone’s attention is right now, plus the fact you can really focus in on your target audience.


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