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series_attitude-adjustments_4Leaders think and perceive the world differently than followers do.

Your leadership potential is not limited by the current size of your church, by your location or by the people you have.

Your Christian leadership in the church is not determined by your training, abilities or skills (despite popular opinion).

In reality, our leaderships begins and ends with attitude; it’s all about your vision, your purpose, your outlook.

This is where change takes place. Your attitude determines your action. Your action determines your accomplishments.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that humans can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind.

The above quote is from William Lames, a father of modern psychology, who finally discovered what was written in the Bible 4,000 years before he was born.

 As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.

Proverbs 23:7

Jesus always taught this principle by saying we must get our heart right before we can get our lives in order.

He said that out of the evil treasure of a man’s heart comes evil things, likewise, out of the good treasure of a man’s heart come good things.

It’s all about what’s inside you.

Real change occurs from the inside out.


1) Write down the name of a person you respect and admire, then write down why you admire that person.

2) Now have a look at the qualities you wrote down – do they have more to do with attitude, ability or appearance?

Can you see how important attitude is?

Biblical principles about attitude

leader's attitude is contagiousYour attitude as you begin a task will effect it’s outcome more than anything else. So often, the battle is lost or won before it’s begun.

What’s your frame of mind going into a task?

Are you confident, full of faith, hope, optimism?

Or are you negative and doubtful of getting results?

From my experience, leaders of small churches tend to be defeatist and negative about any suggestions or ideas.

Oh, and they are always right, whatever they do will not work because they have decided it won’t already; they fulfill their own prophecies.

They have a ‘done that, nothing works’ attitude that will get the nowhere.

Attitudes are contagious – is yours worth catching?

Look at what happened when Joshua sent the twelve spies into the promised land – Joshua and Caleb came back with a good report, the other ten spies returned with a negative report.

Joshua and Caleb were outvoted and that generation of people never caught a glimpse of the promised land.

Joshua and Caleb   vs.   The Other Ten Spies

1. Saw the fruit of the land                       1. Saw the problems in the land

2. Saw themselves in God’s hands         2. Saw themselves as small and weak

3. Were optimistic about the future       3. Always expected the worse from the future

4. Were willing to step out in faith         4. Prevented people from making progress

It was God’s intention to give His people their promised land and it’s God’s intention that your church grow, that your worship team grows, that you have house groups across the city but your attitude as the pastor and the attitude of your leadership team can limit God.

We can limit the all powerful God?

Absolutely yes!

You can have powerful prophecies spoken over you but your attitude will determine your destiny.

Don’t miss out on what God wants to do in your town or city or nation through your church because of a defeatist attitude.

There are negative people everywhere and I’m sure you have them in your church too – only put people into leadership with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Your leadership team should not be made up of of “Why?” people, but “Why not?” and “God can do” people!

Attitude Checklist:faith leadership attitude church christian

What is my usual attitude before trying something new?

Are there certain new experiences that make me feel negative?

Does my attitude help or hinder my success with God, family or ministry?

Your Thoughts

How do you choose to trust even if the church doesn’t look like it’s growing? Do you identify with Joshua and Caleb or the ten spies? Have you ever let what the situation looks like dishearten you or cause you not to act?

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4 thoughts on “Christian Leadership Training – Lead With Attitude”

  1. Yes Dana, many people just wander through life aimlessly without really knowing where they’re going – DECIDE, COMMIT, ACHIEVE! Choose who and where you want to be, make an action plan and stick to it! 🙂 I’m glad you found this thought provoking – I like to make people think in new ways! All the best and every success to you.

    • I am blessed and inspired by these words and certainly I must change my mind as of today. thank you and God bless you the more.

  2. hey, nice info you have hear. I totally agree is all about your mind set going into things that will determine your success! Thanks for the info

    • “Pro 23:7 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Thanks Sierra – it all starts with getting our thinking right! we tend to self-fulfill our own prophecies 🙂 Glad you found this helpfula nd thought provoking 🙂


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