7 Resources That Will Save You Time, Reduce Your Stress and Grow Your Church

The purpose of GrowChurch is to help churches succeed.

We want to give you and your church access to resources and strategies that will cause explosive increase and growth in every area of your church life.

Today I wanted to let you know about the number one rated resource package specifically designed for pastors and church leaders. 

It’s called The Systems Bundle and it’s full of practical resources to help you install healthy systems in your church.

When you create healthy systems, your church is more likely to grow.

If you want to get more people into home groups, you can preach at them all you want but you need to have the right systems in place.

You may want more people to engage and step up in your church to become volunteers, you may to increase your church’s giving, more than just sermons on generosity guess what, that’s right – you need the right systems in place. 

Good systems will give you more time and stop you from getting stressed and burnt out.

A lack of systems will limit the growth of your church.

Good organisation and good systems will give you the framework you need to grow your church congregation, your church finances and your church teams so that you can do more ministry and achieve the mission of your church.

With The Systems Bundle, you’ll get instant access to five resources to help you organize your church for effectiveness.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Docs and Forms: 120+ ready-to-use or ready-to-customise documents
  • Reach: it’s all about how to do advertising and outreach right
  • Inspire: it’s all about inspiring volunteers so they love what they do
  • Next: it’s all about following up with guests, givers and new Christians
  • Why Nobody Reads Your Emails: a super practical eBook

Check out The Church Systems Bundle for yourself HERE.

The Systems Bundle Plus has even more – everything listed above, plus two more practical resources.

  • Broke-Proof Budgeting – a practical resource on how to build a church budget that really works. 
  • 39 Things Pastors Need to Know About Money – half of them are about church and the other half will help you personally save thousands of dollars every year

The systems bundle is what every church needs to get everything organised.

It’s 5 of our best resources in one instant download. Hundreds of churches that were not very organised have become very organised and more successful with the Systems Bundle.

They will save you valuable time, lower your stress levels, help you stay organised and grow your church.

I’d love to hear from pastors and church leaders who are using The Systems Bundle and how it’s benefited you and your church.

Got questions? Please leave your comments below.

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