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Writer’s Guidelines

GCOur mission at is to be the pastor’s online resource for Church growth and Christian leadership.

We aim to create a community of church builders to inspire, motivate and equip the church to take action to grow their church’s impact and effectiveness in pointing people to the truth of Jesus Christ.

How to Submit an Article

We welcome unique submissions for GrowChurch. All guest post entries can be submitted using the submission form below. All submissions must include complete info and author bio.

We assume all rights for any submission and will publish accepted entries at our discretion. Submitted entries should not be printed or posted anywhere else (i.e., don’t post something on your site and then submit it to us). Payment is publication, your two-sentence bio and our many thanks. We reserve the right to edit, accept or reject any entry for any reason.

Entries should be submitted in their entirety.

  • We’re looking for blog entries about church growth and Christian leadership. We prefer the practical over the philosophical, though we will consider philosophical entries. General church management, preaching tips, news, resources and reviews are also welcome, though they always must be tied in some way to the local church.
  • We focus on the church, so anything you write should be relevant and applicable to the local church.
  • We have a worldwide audience, so keep that in mind as you write.
  • We prefer a personal, conversational tone.
  • Length is dependent on the topic. Some entries can be as short as a single paragraph or even sentence if that’s all it warrants. Others can be much longer, though the content needs to justify the length. As a rule, shorter, bite-size content is better.
  • Be aware of what’s been covered in the past—we only like to repeat topics if there’s a new angle or twist to consider.
  • We have an active and vocal comment community, so try to anticipate the arguments or objections your post may raise.


  • We’ll accept entries of any length, though shorter entries usually work better. Longer entries must have subheads and bulleted lists when appropriate.
  • Include any relevant links to outside sites or other GrowChurch entries. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • Let us know if you have graphics/images such as the post featured image and your author bio photo, to accompany your post and we will contact you to obtain them


If we choose to post your entry we will include a two-sentence bio. Please include some mention of your connection to the church (i.e., Jack Jones has attended a Baptist church for ten years, John Johnson is a pastor at Victory Church in Glasgow, Scotland, Sally Smith has a love/hate relationship with church and currently attends one of those funky emergent churches, etc.)

You are welcome to include links in your bio to appropriate sites (blogs, businesses, churches, etc.). We reserve the right to edit your bio.

Blog Ideas/Suggestions

If you have news tips, links, or ideas for blog posts but don’t want to write it yourself, we’d still love to have it. Send it our way.


You can submit full entries as a guest blogger for GrowChurch or send us news/tips/links to connect (at)



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