How to Preach Better Sermons in 4 Simple Steps

We all want to preach better sermons but there’s just one problem… The lack of that very precious thing called time. There just never seems to be enough of it. What with leading a team of staff, admin, dealing with those unexpected things that can take up your whole day, your sermon prep can be often overlooked. The most important … Read more

12 Compelling Sermon Series Ideas You Can Use In 2019

Sermon Series Ideas

It can be difficult to think of sermon series ideas month in and month out but I might be able to help you with this… As a pastor and preacher you have just 30 minutes to speak into the lives of your people and give them something they can carry with them for the next 7 days. Each week you … Read more

Your 10 Step Guaranteed Guide To Becoming A Boring Preacher

how to become a boring preacher

We’ve all sat through boring preaching that put us to sleep at one point or another. But what does it really take to preach a sermon that makes your listeners fall sound asleep? What does it take to defy everyone’s ability to pay attention? It’s safe to assume that nobody wants to be a boring preacher preaching boring sermons. The … Read more

OOPS! – Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Preachers Make

How did your sermon go last week? Not as good as you hoped? Better than you expected? In this post we’ll go over 10 of the biggest mistakes preachers make so you don’t have to. I recently came across a short video on YouTube of a guy preaching. The video is given the title ‘Worst preaching ever’. Here it is … Read more