How To Grow Your Church In The Word

A church full of people full of the Word is a strong church. Spoon-feeding toddler Christians on a Sunday morning won’t cut it; we need to grow our people so that they will feed themselves on the Word, love the Word and be hungry for the Word. Today I want us to dig into the Word to find out what … Read more

How To Write A Sermon With Ease

When it comes to preparing and preaching better sermons, half of the battle is learning how to write a sermon with ease. Ask most pastors and they’ll tell writing sermons is one of the most stressful parts of their job… the truth is it really doesn’t have to be. There is a better way of preparing sermons. I’m going to … Read more

How to Preach Better Sermons – Preach Like Jesus

People loved to listen to Jesus preach. When Jesus spoke crowds were drawn to Him, they pulled away from their hectic lives to catch what He had to say. That’s powerful preaching. As a preacher and follower of Christ, your preaching shouldn’t be dull or predictable, it should be transformative and inspiring. Can you imagine if, instead of people glazing … Read more

10 Sermon Preparation Tips – Getting Over Preacher’s Block

Sermon Preparation Tips

Feeling uninspired and struggling with sermon preparation is not a fun place to be as a preacher. Even though I wasn’t preaching every week, my sermon prep used to keep getting pushed to far too late in the week. Most of my writing was done either really late on Saturday or even into the early hours of Sunday morning. You could say … Read more

A Surprising & Stress-Free Way to Write Sermon Outlines

I think most people probably underestimate the preparation preachers go through before presenting at the pulpit each week. The pressure of preaching powerful sermons and writing sermon outlines that stick week in and week out can be daunting, if not overwhelming for some. Some church leaders and preachers can find writing good sermon outlines especially difficult. This is why many … Read more

12 Compelling Sermon Series Ideas You Can Use In 2019

Sermon Series Ideas

It can be difficult to think of sermon series ideas month in and month out but I might be able to help you with this… As a pastor and preacher you have just 30 minutes to speak into the lives of your people and give them something they can carry with them for the next 7 days. Each week you … Read more

OOPS! – Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Preachers Make

How did your sermon go last week? Not as good as you hoped? Better than you expected? In this post we’ll go over 10 of the biggest mistakes preachers make so you don’t have to. I recently came across a short video on YouTube of a guy preaching. The video is given the title ‘Worst preaching ever’. Here it is … Read more