8 Dangerous Church Growth Myths Exposed Once And For All

Church Growth Myths

I think it’s time to dispel some dangerous church growth myths once and for all! Talk about church growth to some people and they think you’re unspiritual – I don’t get this. A healthy church is a growing church, surely that’s the whole point? We all want our churches to grow so let’s face these lies head on. Rick Warren, … Read more

Autopsy of a Deceased Church – The Honest Book Review

autopsy of a deceased church book review

“As many as 100,000 churches in America are showing signs of decline toward death.” In Autopsy of a Deceased Church, Thom Rainer shares ten warning signs of  a dying church that he observed following the ‘autopsies’ of fourteen deceased churches. I found it to be a very sobering book and at at times it got a bit too close for … Read more

Why Men Hate Going to Church Book Review – Is Your Church Man Enough?

Last Update 6th October, 2016. Book: Why Men Hate Going to Church Author: David Murrow Lowest Price Online: Amazon Published by: Thomas Nelson Formats: Hardback, Paperback, Kindle, Audio Read Customer Reviews: Here What this book is about The book starts off with some shocking statistics… For example, did you know the average church in the US is 61% female and 39% male? On any given … Read more

A Growing Pastor Has a Growing Church

Last Update 17th October, 2016. Are leaders born? Yes, I’ve never met a leader who wasn’t born yet. If you want to change your church then you must first change you. I don’t like that, but it’s true. And I don’t like it because it means I have to change… I don’t know about you but I’m happy with what … Read more

How To Grow Your Church Leadership Team – Look for F.A.T. People

Jesus attracted crowds and preached to 1000′s but He invested most of His time with the core team of twelve. Too often we put too much emphasis on one leader instead a building a team. The ability and capacity of your leadership team determines the size and effectiveness of your church. The best resource I can recommend that will help … Read more

Top 10 Recommended Books for Pastors

recommended reading books pastors

Last Update 8th October, 2016. “Leaders are learners, leaders are readers.” [Tweet this] For the last two years I have committed myself to growing in wisdom and knowledge and I’ve aimed at reading a book a week. To be honest, I haven’t always hit the mark but it’s a habit I highly recommend. You can take a look at Growing Pastors … Read more

How To Grow Your Church Systems – “What’s Next?”

how to make disciples

Last Update 17th October, 2016. What’s the vision or mission statement of your church? How do you get the job done? The WHAT is your purpose and the HOW is your process. Every church has a mission or vision statement, but not all churches have a clearly defined process or system in place to make it happen. It doesn’t matter … Read more

The Purpose Driven Church Book Review – Still Relevant 20 Years On?

purpose driven church book review

Last Update 8th October, 2016. Although The Purpose Driven Church was written by Rick Warren in the mid-nineties, I would still include this in my list of recommended books for pastors as I think the church growth materials shared in this book are still very much relevant to our churches today in the 21st century. I read this book at … Read more

How To Grow Your Church’s Finances – More Money For Ministry

Teaching a 5 minute lesson on tithing every week, though important, is not enough to increase the giving in your church. In today’s post we’re going to have a quick look at the important of building trust and casting your church’s vision as a way to increase your church offerings and get more money for ministry. One of the best … Read more

How to Grow Expectation in Your Church

Using Creativity, Momentum & Language “I can’t wait to get to church!” If you have never led worship at a conference – wow! People don’t need warming up, they turn up hot! By the times we’re at the second song people are encountering God like never before, being set free and tears are flowing at the awesomeness of Almighty God! … Read more