How To Grow Your Church In The Word

A church full of people full of the Word is a strong church. Spoon-feeding toddler Christians on a Sunday morning won’t cut it; we need to grow our people so that they will feed themselves on the Word, love the Word and be hungry for the Word. Today I want us to dig into the Word to find out what … Read more

The Purpose Driven Church Book Review: Still Relevant 30 Years On?

purpose driven church book review

Although The Purpose Driven Church was written by Rick Warren in the mid-nineties, I still include this in my list of recommended books for pastors as I think the church growth materials shared in this book are still very much relevant to our churches today in the 21st century. I read this book at least twenty years ago and we’ve … Read more

How To Grow Your Church’s Finances: More Money For Ministry

Though important, teaching a 5-minute lesson on tithing every week is not enough to increase the giving in your church. In today’s post, we’re going to have a quick look at the importance of building trust and casting your church’s vision as a way to increase your church offerings and get more money for ministry. One of the best resources … Read more

How To Grow Your Church In The Spirit: Empowered To Represent

Jesus said: Today we’re talking about growing your church in the Spirit and discussing the purpose of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told the disciples to wait until the Holy Spirit had come, and then the disciples went out in mass and preached boldly. God added well over 8,000 new believers to the church in just 3 days. Talk about church growth! … Read more

How to Lead Worship Without Being a Rockstar

how to lead worship

Knowing how to lead worship is sometimes tricky – there’s a fine line between leading worship and performing and there shouldn’t be. One says sit back, relax, let us entertain you – the other says participation is required – come on, let’s worship together. I’ll be very honest with you, though I’ve been leading worship for 15+ years I never really … Read more

A Surprising & Stress-Free Way to Write Sermon Outlines

I think most people probably underestimate the preparation preachers go through before presenting at the pulpit each week. The pressure of preaching powerful sermons and writing sermon outlines that stick week in and week out can be daunting, if not overwhelming for some. Some church leaders and preachers can find writing good sermon outlines especially difficult. This is why many … Read more

How to Share the Gospel With Someone

how to share the gospel with someone

In another post we discussed how your personal testimony is the most powerful witness of all, so if you haven’t read it yet, check it out. Today we’re talking about how to share the Gospel with someone in an easy and non-confrontational way. Trust me, even introverts can try this. So let’s say you’ve been praying for your friend and nurturing … Read more

How to Make a Church Welcome Pack

How to Make a Church Welcome Pack

There’s no better way to make first time visitors feel welcomed to your church than giving them a prepared welcome pack as they walk through your church doors. It gives your church newbie something tangible to walk out with, it’s like a little thank you gift. Depending what’s included, it can be a great introduction and first-impression to you and … Read more

How to Talk to Your Friends About Jesus (Without Being a Theologian)

how to talk to your friends about jesus

Welcome to the human-friendly guide on how to talk to your friends about Jesus. Let me start by asking you a question… Do you like to be preached at? Neither do your friends, so don’t do it. The best way to tell your friends about Jesus is to be yourself – sound good? Your friends are your friends because they … Read more