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Perhaps I should explain.

Can I be honest with you?

(that’s my serious face)

We hear a lot about the big why but not much of the how.

I know you already know why you serve in the ministry, I think you already understand the purpose of the church is to make disciples.

My motivation behind starting GrowChurch was to show pastors and church leaders that growing a vibrant and forward moving church is not only possible, but if we commit to never stop learning, and share ideas and proven strategies that actually work, but it’s almost inevitable.

With the right training, tools, support and coaching, combined with your diligence and patience in investing in yourself as a leader means that as your capacity grows, so does your church.

But enough about me…

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But I’m guessing that if you’re reading this you’re either a leader in the church looking to develop your ministry gifts to take your ministry forward or you’re a pastor who’s feeling frustrated with your church’s progress.

That’s good.

If you’re frustrated it means you’re passionate – and we can work with that.

Grow Church is all about showing you the tips and strategies from people who have achieved success. We will only share with you stuff we know actually works on ground level. Every article that gets published is an in-depth look at a method, idea or example of something that is working.

My main focus is to help you:

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