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Plans fail when there is no counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.
(Proverbs 15:22)

The Purpose of

We faithfully pour our hearts into serving the local Church because we believe passionately that the Church is the hope of the world. We take seriously the Great Commission challenge to reach all people groups with the life-saving news of the Risen Christ. And we know that if the Church would rise up and be all that she could be and should be, that she would be the greatest force for good that this planet has ever seen. We work diligently with this God-given goal in mind and we’re serious about growing the church in size, influence and impact.

Let’s be honest, sometimes working in the ministry can be frustrating and leading in the church can be a thankless task. Too often we struggle to reinvent the wheel  in our own little corner; every man on his own island. What if we could help each other? Can you imagine how much further we would be if we could learn from one another? is the online community specifically designed with church builders in mind. It gives you a space to share, encourage and engage. Whether it’s proven church growth strategies, Christian leadership training or related resources and reviews, you’ll find it here at

Got Questions?

What are your biggest challenges? What do you need to know? What is the biggest obstacles you are facing when trying to grow your church? What are you struggling with? What are your frustrations? 

Please feel free to share and get help from the community in the comments below or email me at – I will always get back to you.

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Please share with us your thoughts and expertise on any post. You have valuable experience which could help others; it’s far easier to learn from your experience than to have to learn it the hard way. We have an active and supportive community here at and your contribution is valued. 

Every post has a comments section for discussion so do please share. Also, the exciting news is that very soon we will have our very own forum area! 

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